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How to export menu with "specials"?

  • How to export menu with "specials"?

    Posted 6 years 4 months ago
    • Hello,

      I have a single menu with public, registered and special items. When I'm on forum (phpbb3) both public and registered items are being displayed but no specials. I need use any link back to joomla in order to see it.
      In php configuration there are Guest Menu Filename and Registered Menu Filename but no option to export "Special Menu Filename".
      Any idea how to work around this?
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    Re: How to export menu with "specials"?

    Posted 6 years 4 months ago
    • Hi,
      I do not think it is possible to find a workaround, since it requires phpbb3 to know whether it is a special menu item to show or not.
      The registered an not registered is simple, however the difference between special and not special is difficult.
      It would require telling phpbb3 what is a special member or not and based on that show menu.
      That would mean either having a special category in phpbb3, for special members and then show menu based on that, but that should be linked to joomla too. It is possible when I think about it, but it requires an extra profile field in phpbb3 that will allow you to set the menu item for that special member group. This field needs to be synched with joomla and would require an extra synchable field from joomla to phpbb3 within rokbridge.
      It is thus possible, but will require quite some extensive coding, since also the roknavmenu-exporter will need to be altered for taking the special group menu into account. That will also require changes to the actual queries that are run to create the menu.
      It looks like an interesting project, but will require quite a bit of work!
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