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Search Buttons don't work on Ipad and Iphone

  • Search Buttons don't work on Ipad and Iphone

    Posted 2 years 4 days ago
    • Hi,

      I'm using Gantry on Joomla 3.8.5. I have 7 websites using Gantry 4 and 5.

      I wanted Joomla Search and Smart Search on my websites to work without the Search buttons visible.
      Apparently, when I disabled the Search buttons, the Search no longer works; ie when I entered a search text in the search box, it does nothing.

      My workaround to resolve this is to enable the Search buttons, and hide them using css, ie to display none.

      The workaround works on PC’s and laptops, but the search module does not work on Ipad and Iphone (I tested my websites on both Chrome and Safari). I am wondering if this is Gantry related, as all the search modules on my other sites, with non-Gantry framework, work on Ipad and Iphone. Here's a couple of my websites on Gantry 5 and 4, respectively:

      cancer-cell-treatment.com (gantry 5)

      mtmweb.biz (gantry 4)

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    Re: Search Buttons don't work on Ipad and Iphone

    Posted 2 years 4 days ago
    • I think you would be better off using rokajaxsearch which is deisgned for this specific purpose.

      Regards, Mark.
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