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Joomla Page Class Suffix

  • Joomla Page Class Suffix

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • I have been working on a site and determined I needed to use the Page Class Suffix. I want to be able to assign certain body tags to a page using the Joomla Page Class Suffix. I tried this and found that Gantry 5 does NOT add the page class suffix any longer. I found this forum post:


      This post answered part of my question, but not all of it. My issue is similar but different in that I want to add multiple classes to this tag and not just an identifier tag. For example:

      page class = "brown big-text"

      What I would want to have happen is as follows:

      <body class="....<gantry tags> brown big-text">

      This would allow me to reference brown and big-text as my own classes.

      I believe in Gantry 4, you could activate the page class suffix, which was good, BUT it broke this ideal. I believe in Gantry 4, it concatenated this to the body tag AND stripped the spaces. That's not good. :( I put the spaces in for a reason and wanted to keep them so I can use 2 different classes.

      Is this something that will be added back to Gantry 5 in the near or far future? I could really use this now and there really isn't another way around it. I don't want to have to create multiple CSS files and add them to each page layout individually. I'm still using the Custom.scss file to do my custom CSS as I feel it is cleaner.

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    Re: Joomla Page Class Suffix

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • just update to the latest version of gantry

      I just tried it with Ambrosia

      class="site com_gantry5 view-custom no-layout no-task dir-ltr extra brown big-text itemid-101 outline-20 g-offcanvas-left g-style-preset1"
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