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Which order to change to template?

  • Which order to change to template?

    Posted 7 years 6 days ago
    • I am confused as to which order to make changes to the salient template. There are multiple formats (base outline, default, home, outline, etc.).
      It seems to me there should be in order in which to make changes so they propagate appropiately. For instance, I will not use the animated feature block option. Where should I remove it so it will not show up again? The same thing with the slide show particle.

    • I probably did something wrong.
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    Re: Which order to change to template?

    Posted 7 years 6 days ago
    • If you are referring to a particle then you would drag that off the layout in whatever outline you are using (drag and a delete popdown appears at the top of the screen on to which you drop the particle that you wish to delete) - or you can simply disable it in it's settings on the layout.

      inheritance is:

      base outline - settings
      > default template (starred in template manager) outline or the outline assigned to the page - settings.
      > particle instance on the layout - settings

      Regards, Mark.
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