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Some extra help to understand

  • Some extra help to understand

    Posted 6 years 7 months ago
    • Hi All,

      I am new with Gantry 5.
      Before you create modules in joomla, and you assign these to a position.
      In the template you define you look and feel.

      But now you can create thinks in the template such as "Gantry 5 particle"
      And also Module Instance and Module Position.

      In Joomla modules you can also create "Gantry 5 particle" and assign them to a position.

      My Main question is, what is the best way to use Gantry 5.
      First try to create in template
      Second create modules and assign to positions
      Third assign module in Template as "Module Instance"

      The reason is :
      what can befound the best by google?
      What perfomed the best.

      Thanks for your reply
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    Re: Some extra help to understand

    Posted 6 years 7 months ago
    • The best place to start with Gantry 5 is to read all the documentation and wathc the videos therein. If you want hings to be like Gantry 4 then you can create layouts (within an outline) that have module position particles (and very little else). There are also preset that you can load ("load" button) that already have all this done for you. In this way you can share one outline amongst many pages and just assign module to positions just like you always have.

      I would leave "module instance" particles alone, they are used to assign a specific module to a layout - you are better to use a module position instead that you can then assign any module to that position.

      Google reads the page as it is rendered, therefore it doesn't really matter how you construct the pag (particles or modules) it's only the end result that Google indexes.

      Regards, Mark.
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