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Remove border or shadow from active tab

  • Remove border or shadow from active tab

    Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
    • URL: nieuw.megiq.com/products/vna-441#features

      On the image below you see a yellow line around the tab. You will see this when you click on one of the tabs. If I then move the mouse over this tab, the yellow line disappears. I already tried to remove that yellow border with box-shadow: none and adjustments to the border style. But I can't get rid of the yellow border.
      Can you help me?

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    Re: Remove border or shadow from active tab

    Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
    • When developing web sites it is useful to learn to use either, the Inspector in Firefox, Chrome Developer Tools in Chrome, or one of the other browser developer tools, they will save you hours on things like this and they're very easy to use.

      Use this code...
      .rl_tabs > ul.nav-tabs > li.active > a:focus, .rl_tabs > ul.nav-tabs > li > a:focus {
        border-color: transparent;
      To create a custom CSS compatible with Gantry 5 please read this http://docs.gantry.org/gantry5/tutorials/adding-a-custom-style-sheet .

      Remember to recompile CSS from base outline too.

      Regards, Mark.
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