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Business related Template

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    Business related Template

    Posted 1 month 1 week ago
    • Hello,
      Clarion was the only real business related template.

      Have a way to have a copy as we can't no longer dowload?

      Also gantry 4 version, never mind.

      Thank you

      PS: in the past you created a very special theme like clarion, oculus whit trasparency, alerion etc, how can push you :) upgrade to gantry 5 as are some of the art of template for joomla?
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    Re: Business related Template

    Posted 1 month 1 week ago
    • We've been slowly porting some of our more popular themes from Gantry 4 to Gantry 5 but we won't be doing all of them. There is no "migration" path from a Gantry 4 template to a Gantry 5 based one, effectively you have to start over.

      Clarion for Gantry 4 is still available to download? https://rockettheme.com/joomla/templates

      I don't agree that clarion was the only "business related" template - any of our templates can be used for a business, just because the demo's don't necessarily show the "business related" look that you seek does not mean that they cannot be used for that purpose.

      Regards, Mark.
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