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Backup Content

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    Backup Content

    Posted 15 years 3 weeks ago
    • Hello everyone,

      This may seem like a silly question but does anyone know of a way to back up content (articles and stuff) or does the content only reside in the database...?

      I'd like to redo my site and didn't want to hose it up using a new theme AND using an existing database. I know I could apply the new template but I just wanted to start from scratch and have a clean install.

      Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Backup Content

    Posted 15 years 3 weeks ago
    • The content resides in two places: in the MySQL database. You can best export the database with PHPMyAdmin.

      The second place your content is in, are all maps on your website that you have placed images, pdf files, other documents etcetera in.

      On my sites I usually store these things in the /images/stories map. I create submaps there for pdf files etcetera. Therefor I only need to backup my /images/stories map.

      You probably know best where you stored that on your site.

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