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Is this a good idea?

  • Is this a good idea?

    Posted 15 years 3 days ago
    • I have posted this post over on the joomla! forum ( forum.joomla.org/index.php/topic,40730.0.html ) but felt the need to post it here since it is the flexible forward thinking template designs that have put me in this frame of mind, particulaly the latest extremeties 2 template. Anyway, here is the post:

      Basically, I am trying to save space on my site, I have a template that has collapsable columns, works great. Now, there are some pages that have modules in the columns, I think they should be there by default, but, lets say a regular site visitor decideds that they would like to temporarily collapse the left column for instance, maybe they are in the forum and don't want the user poll that I may have decided to keep in the left column. They just click a button and it collapses.

      I think this would be awesome for the user, its all giving them that little bit more interaction with the site.

      Would love to hear peoples views, I am no expert user so I imagine that this idea will get blown out of the water, I dont know, maybe it has been done before with j!


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