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Site Showcase: Please Read Before Posting

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    Site Showcase: Please Read Before Posting

    Posted 15 years 7 months ago
    • We're not going to be as tight on this as the chaps over at Joomla simply because we're not getting as many new threads started but to make things a little easier on the eye we're going to follow the format used at forum.joomla.org with a little addition.

      When starting a new thread the subject of the post should be Site Name - Template Used, e.g. RocketTheme - Internet Gazette and can you please start the thread detailing the following information:

      Website URL (entered in the body of the post not the thread title please):

      Additional Extensions (Components, Modules, Plug ins):

      Custom Development:

      Other Features:

      Any specific areas of my site that I'd like feedback on, if any:

      Additional Comments:

      As with all things new can we start off like this. If you've got any suggestions PM me or another member of team ModSquad. Also, if we find aspects of this are not working we'll change it to make it easier.

      Thanks ....
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  • Re: Site Showcase: Please Read Before Posting

    Posted 15 years 7 months ago
    • As for the Additional Extensions fields (Components, Modules, Mambots, Plugins) it may be an idea to post links to them, probably on extensions.joomla.org

      For example

      Additional Extensions

      I have tagged the JoomlaXplorer word with a Hyperlink to the page on extensions.joomla.org

      This will make it easier for other members

      For reference, here is the BB code I use, which are easily created through the SMF posting toolbar
      [size=100][u][b]Additional Extensions[/b][/u][/size]
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