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RocketTheme Joomla Website with near perfect Hubspot score of 90

  • RocketTheme Joomla Website with near perfect Hubspot score of 90

    Posted 3 years 8 months ago
    • Hi Guys & Girls,

      Website URL: https://www.clarenceling.com

      Additional Extensions (Components, Modules, Plug ins): Secret Proprietary Blend

      Custom Development: Custom colour scheme and some custom CSS in the SCSS file

      Other Features: Social Sharing, WhatsApp sharing, Contact Form, heavy SEO (from a technical standpoint), Online Shop (eCommerce Solution), Wide Social Authentication

      Any specific areas of my site that I'd like feedback on, if any: I would like the basic "sales pitch" or sales copy of my website to improve in order to have more potential getting clients.

      Additional Comments:

      It is great to be a Rocketeer. Do you know why? It is because we have excellent, vetted, quality templates which are reviewed frequently that bring practical performance together with beautiful aesthetics. It is because we have a passionate and knowledgeable community that is engaged and vibrant.

      Ladies and gentleman, after my website's third incarnation and second Joomla template, and a bit of tweaking around, I reveal to you the true potential of a RocketTheme website, especially a Joomla one.

      This website is using Photon and supercedes Callisto. Callisto is now deleted off the website and the backend is using some premium extensions and heavily optimised.

      We have here a well oiled machine, with some compromise regarding more complex template elements, i.e. not all features of the template are used or can be used without glitches. However, performance speaks for itself and my Joomla Web Design & Digital Marketing website has achieved a near perfect Hubspot website grader score of not 80, not 85, but 90! Please see attachment for proof.

      I could never do this without RocketTheme, at least not without significant coding experience. For example, if I were to self code responsiveness into my website, that would normally take significant skill experience, and mostly, time. RocketTheme templates have a near perfect or perfect score for mobile responsiveness!

      It is an excellent system that makes customisation, aesthtics and performance skyrocket as if your website is on a rocket (get it?). We have a lot to be proud of in this community, the developers have made a great product and you have made the right choice of framework (the Gantry framework) for your website. Moreover, I believe efforts to adapt RocketTheme to WordPress might still have the high quality, perfection and love of a Joomla template poured into the WordPress packages.

      I thank all the mod squad for providing excellent, outstanding support and look forward to connecting at a deeper level in this comunity. Thank you all!
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    Re: RocketTheme Joomla Website with near perfect Hubspot score of 90

    Posted 3 years 8 months ago
    • Thank you for the kind words :) Here's my quick edit of your opening paragraphs:
      (I mostly removed a lot of commas)

      My name is Clarence Ling and together with my associates we aim to deliver effective and affordable digital marketing and web design services to all of our clients.

      I am a former lawyer from Perth currently flying in and out of Asia and Australia as a result of secondment to the award winning Kozin Real Estate Sdn Bhd. Kozin is a Malaysian real estate agency selling Australian property overseas. At Kozin I manage their Client Relationship Management (CRM) System and provide a host of digital marketing services.

      If you want to know what makes us different then please click the button below to see our unique capabilities. Below that you will find my business profile which provides and overview on all the services that we currently offer.

      CLASS was initially a digital marketing consultancy to international real estate agencies specialising in off-the-plan sales marketing. CLASS has since expanded to provide services to small businesses and individuals alike. We specialise in Joomla Web Design creating high quality Joomla Websites along with Joomla Social Media implementation. We can also manage and create WordPress sites upon request. Our services include:

      Web Design
      Email Marketing
      Client Relationship Management (CRM)
      Digital Marketing
      Social Media Management
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    • SEARCH the forum first! These boards are rich in knowledge and vast in topics :woohoo:
  • Re: RocketTheme Joomla Website with near perfect Hubspot score of 90

    Posted 3 years 8 months ago
    • I did more tweaking and got an even higher scoere and better performance!

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