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A cultural association site with Koleti

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    A cultural association site with Koleti

    Posted 3 years 1 month ago
    • Hello,

      This is a website for a non-profit cultural association, the "Friends of Villa Kolkis", who among other activities organise a sailing race in eastern Mediterranean. The whole site was recently redesigned with Koleti.


      It's a Joomla multilingual site with four languages. The main extensions we used are Ignite Gallery for the site's galleries, and Breezing forms (for the sailing race registrations). Also the free version of Acy Mailing Starter for a basic newsletter.

      Koleti is a well-made template with several good particles, and gives plenty of options for content display. I made several outlines for various pages, all language-specific, and I must say Gantry 5 framework works excellent with Joomla's multilingual environment. UIkit was also loaded, whenever desired.

      On the over-all, working with Koleti has been a very pleasing experience and things got made faster. The result was a vibrant site that brings forth the association's activities, and serves as a connection point for the people involved.
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    Re: A cultural association site with Koleti

    Posted 3 years 1 month ago
    • Nice clear site - well done.

      Regards, Mark.
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    Re: A cultural association site with Koleti

    Posted 3 years 1 month ago
    • Really nice site
      Thanks for sharing


    • My wife and I design, build and maintain websites as volunteers - for non-profit organisations. And occasionally for therapists, musicians and artists.
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    Re: A cultural association site with Koleti

    Posted 1 year 4 weeks ago
    • It looks like your site has been hacked.
    • Best wishes,

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