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Member Sites by Template

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    Re: Member Sites by Template

    Posted 1 year 5 months ago
    • Ben Cotten wrote:
      Site Name: Pest-X Exterminating
      URL/Link: pest-x.com
      Template: Chimera
      This looks nothing like Chimera.
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    • Thanks in advance,
      Steve Hodges
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    Re: Member Sites by Template

    Posted 1 year 3 months ago
    • Hi. Pardon me for not writing in French, but my French is 'tres mal'.
      I very much like the website you did for Ms. Tersin, using he Hadron template. ( www.tersin-avocat.fr/ )
      I'm just getting started with RocketteTheme, and I'm finding the templates with the demo material very confusing, while your implementation is not only attractive, but simple and straightforward.

      May I ask:
      Did you use anything but the template and standard extensions? Any custom code?
      I like the appearance of Hadron, but do you think there is advantage in using a newer template.

      Merci d'avance

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