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MissionControl FAQ

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    MissionControl FAQ

    Posted 9 years 8 months ago
    • Q: What is MissionControl?
      A: MissionControl is a brand new administrator template for Joomla. It's modern, clean, fast, and more intuitive than the default Joomla administrator design. We had a liberal hand in designing the core "Khepri" template, so we know what we're talking about.

      Q. Can i see some screenshots of MissionControl?
      A: Check out the blog post on MissionControl to see some screenshots . We are in the process of developing a new "MissionControl" site and this will contain lost of information, tours, documentation etc.

      Q: Should I use this on my production site?
      A: We have performed an extensive amount of alpha-testing with MissionControl, and have not found any situations that cause major issues. Be aware that there is a possibility that 3rd party extensions will have some layout issues, please use the blacklist feature to handle these.

      Q: Is MissionControl going to be Free or a "Club" Template
      A: MC is 100% GPL and Free to all users.

      Q: Will MC be available for Joomla 1.5? How about Joomla 1.6?
      A: MC is now available for both 1.5 and 1.6

      Q: What are the minimum system requirements for running MC
      A: Joomla 1.5.19+, PHP 5.2+ (with DOM support enabled)

      Q: What browsers will be supported by MC?
      A: MissionControl uses CSS3 extensively for rounded corners, drop-shadows, and text-shadows. These will only work on modern browsers. We strong recommend a webkit based browser such as Chrome or Safari, or a gecko based browser such as Firefox. However, we will endeavor to make sure MC functions even if it doesn't look 100% in Opera, as well as IE 7+. No IE 6 support i'm afraid.

      Q: Where can I download MissionControl from?
      A: You can download MissionControl from the "Free" downloads area under Joomla


      Q: Can the MC menu be customized to include my own links? extension, etc?
      A: Yes, you just have to copy the rtmenuhelper.class.php from the rt_missioncontrol_j15/lib folder into the rt_missioncontrol_j15/html/mod_mod_menu/ folder and edit as you need. This will not be overwritten with subsequent template updates.

      Q: Can MC be customized for my clients?
      A: Yes, MC has a very easy yet powerful customization mechanism. It allows you to upload a custom logo and also configure the main colors used by the template. It's very easy to brand MC to fit your personal or client needs.

      Q: Can I customize the dashboard view?
      A: Yes, it's quite simple to customize the dashboard. We've included 3 module positions called "dashboard", "sidebar" and the legacy position "cpanel". You can assign any 'admin' module to these positions and adjust their order to fit your needs.

      Q: Does MC come with any admin modules?
      A: Why funny you ask that question, because yes, MC comes bundled with a customizable "RokQuickLinks" module that let's you add custom quick-links to your dashboard; a "RokUserStats" module that provides a summary of information about your Joomla site; "RokUserChart" that can show user activity in a graph; as well as "RokAdminAudit" that provides a simple admin audit trail to track admin activity.

      Q: Will MC work with my 3rd-party extensions?
      A: MC provides some built-in support to enable styling of 3rd-party extensions. If the extension follows the regular Joomla models for administration UI, then most likely it will work fine out of the box. We also have the ability to style any extension with 'overrides' that add css ids and classes to the output to better integrate with MC. Also these overrides support custom CSS including full color support so they can take advantage of the custom color styling. All Joomla extensions were developer on the assumption that the default Joomla administrator template, Khepri, is being used, so don't expect the process to be perfect.

      Q: I have a great idea for a feature, how can i get that into MC?
      A: First we're willing to hear any ideas about features and functionality. I can't promise that everything will get added, but if it's a great idea, and we feel it would really be beneficial, it has a great chance of being added to MC. Please post a new thread in this forum with "Feature Request:" prefixed in the title.

      Q: Where do I post bugs?
      A: For now please just pos bugs in the forum. Please be as specific as possible when you are describing a bug. Include your system information, the browser used, and screenshots. Also if possible provide a test admin account if asked, or a copy of the extensions in question so we can debug the scenario better.

      Got more questions? reply to this thread, and we'll continue to update this FAQ...

  • Re: MissionControl FAQ

    Posted 9 years 8 months ago
    • Does MissionControl require the Gantry Framework?
    • Sean Carew
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    Re: MissionControl FAQ

    Posted 9 years 8 months ago
    • no, it's completely independent.
  • Re: MissionControl FAQ

    Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    • I use MissionControl in different sites and one of them does not collect the RokUserStats data.

      The "wrong" site is the only one which uses RT template: HYBRID. What should I set to make RokUserStats work?

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