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Ease of use, or lack of it

  • Ease of use, or lack of it

    Posted 5 years 5 months ago
    • I really admire the templates that you guys at RocketTheme create.
      And your tech support for members is very good.

      Here is my complaint:
      The dispaly components, particularly the RokSprocket Slider, Strips, Features, etc,
      are VERY DIFFICULT to configure properly.
      I don't mean a little bit difficult, and I don't mean that it's OK.

      NOTE: I am NOT am amateur, and I have a TON of Joomla experience, but I am new to RocketTheme.

      I mean that it is TERRIBLY FRUSTRATING to the point of throwing it away and using something else entirely.
      That's how it makes me feel to TRY and do somthing simple such as:

      1. create 6 articles in one category (no problem), each with text and an image (no problem)
      2. create a front page display component that will do a good job of an auot-rotating slider or slideshow,
      that includes (and resizes proplery) the ONLY image in the article and the title, and links to the story.
      (UNBEARABLY TEDIOUS and Frustrating!)
      3. Make it look very slick and cool the way your demos in your demo templates look (almost impossible)
      4. DO this without adding a bunch of CSS style references that could very easily be options in the module (TEDIOUS! FRUSTRATING !)
      5. Do it quickly (no WAY, takes FOREVER and still does not work)

      Maybe I need a HOWTO video for the whole roksproket creation process, because trying to do it the way I have been (read, try, re-rty, re-re-re-re-re-re-re-try) is driving me apeshit.

      I know that I'm ranting, but WOW guys, it's really pretty arcane, isn't it?

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    Re: Ease of use, or lack of it

    Posted 5 years 5 months ago
    • As I go through a lot of templates, one/month, you would think I would be an expert at this stuff...you'd be wrong.
      I'm an older fellow that has lost some brain cells along the way indulging in activiites which aren't beneficial to my longetivity :whistle:

      So at times I need help. Let's say its August now and a client wants a Myriad template to style his existing site.

      The FIRST THING I DO is go to the Docs - " Your Guide to Using the Myriad Template for Joomla "

      Armed with this info here is my work process:

      1) have a browser tab open with that Myriad Doc
      2) create a Category for my RokSprocket content
      3) Create my articles and set the images I'll use in Joomla's Images & Links Dialogue and save in my Category
      4) In RokSprocket I set my Filter content to that Category
      5) make sure I'm using the Advanced settings as recommended by the Docs.

      That's it I'm done.

      So if you have a specific issue just post them, one per Topic please, and we'll address them.

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