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Changing Background Images in Alerion Template

  • Changing Background Images in Alerion Template

    Posted 6 years 7 months ago
    • I am having difficulty changing the background images in some of the Alerion template positions. I am specifically trying to change the Showcase and i am trying to insert an image through the template manager so it shows up under the FP RokSprocket Features and even though i have tried to insert several different photos when i save the template there is stil no background image.

      Also i do have one other quick question that i feel dumb asking.. On the "who's going" module I am trying to insert a href tag to the "connect with facebook" button but each time i do it either makes the tag disappear or changes the button to a text link.. Any help w that would be awesome..

      Also changing the backgorund color of the logo area? it is set to black but the template is grey..

      One more.. The Your Ticket, Who's Going, and TechnoEvent modules are too wide. They are blocking text of other mods.. How would i shrink their width.. ?
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    Re: Changing Background Images in Alerion Template

    Posted 6 years 7 months ago
    • Please do not post extensions/template specific questions in the "RTV3 questions" forum - this forum is for asking questions about the RT site. You should post in the extension forum or template forum as appropriate. Most of these forums are for members who have a current PAID membership. Our priority is always to assist paying members.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      You subscription appears to have expired? - Support requires that you have a current subscription.

      Regards, Mark.
    • Please search forums before posting. Please make sure your post includes the version of the CMS you are using and a link to the problem. Annotations on screenshots can also be helpful to explain problems/goals. Please use the "secure" tab for confidential information.
  • Re: Changing Background Images in Alerion Template

    Posted 6 years 7 months ago
    • Thanks for the update.. I did purchase a license for a site but unfortunately due to other factors i wasnt able to finish the site when i wanted to. The project was put on hold..

      Good news is that with a little playing around I was actually able to find answer all of the questions i posted myself.

      There is a quick update though that you might want to take a look at.. The Alerion how to duplicate the template page has a slight mistake on the layout settings. I wont say it here incase your aware and it is an easter egg to catch non paying users.

      I do have a compliment for your company though. After playing with the templates trying to figure out my questions I have to say i am really impressed with the flexibility and overall ease of use of your rockettheme templates and the gantry framework. The ability to create unique sites, use multiple templates in one site and the flexibility are truly awesome!

      Check out my site at www.welove2rally.com ... One thing.. I wish there was both a better and more flexible mailing list module.. though the one there might be and i just am not sure quite how to tweak it... and i really do wish there was a customizable forms module preinstalled.. I think those two features would really complete your intent to make a truly great web platform!


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