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  • Lost

    Posted 6 years 6 months ago
    • And I recently purchased Rockettheme to check it out before I go for the developer license. So far, I'm finding myself lost. And i've only just started. That doesn't sound very promising. I've worked with lots of different themes, so I'm not a rookie. But I'm feeling very frustrated now.

      I downloaded all of the files and followed the instructions for uploading the rocketlauncher. I'm now trying to be able to see the demo site and there aren't any pages. Are there supposed to be pages now? Did I miss uploading something? Do you have any videos that make this dead simple to do?

      I created the a new account with WHM. then I imported all of the files with Filezilla as per instructions. I then used FAntasico to create the Wordpress account. No pages listed at all. What am I missing?

      Please help

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    Re: Lost

    Posted 6 years 6 months ago
    • Hi there,

      OK - you made things too hard for yourself.

      Step 1 - In cPanel create a new database, a new user, assign user to database. Make a note of the details you used e.g. dbase, user, password.

      Step 2 - Upload the RocketLauncher zip file to the directory you want to use. Ideally use cpanel file manager to upload. Select the zip file once loaded and use cpanel Uncompress to extract the zip file.

      Step 3 - Open a web browser and browse to directory you unzipped files in and then follow the on-screen installation instructions. The RocketLauncher will install WP, template, widgets, and demo content.

      If this resolves your problem then please edit your first post in this thread by adding [SOLVED] at the start of the title and click on the icon and select the 'tick' icon. This lets the moderators know that it can be moved to the solved section.

      Thanks for your cooperation :)
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