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Some problems with Oculus and Kunena

  • Some problems with Oculus and Kunena

    Posted 5 years 1 month ago
    • First greet this community and RocketTheme team for the wonderful work you do. I am a spanish user with little knowledge in Joomla! and I would ask some questions that I have to change some things in my template (Oculus).
      • Reduce the size of these fields so that the logo can be larger and also reduce the search.
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      • I installed Kunena forum template and causes a strange effect to superimpose a text link with the text of the template. According to the Kunena support is a problem of www.kunena.org/forum/47-Spanish/138582-a...laces-no-se-ven-bien template.
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      • Android users inform me that the main menu does not appear as Responsive when I set for it to be and iOS does not have this problem.
      The URL of my website is GTAJugones.com . If they needed a test user to access, user "Jugon" and password "Jugon".

      Finally thank you for your help because I am unable to fix it myself and excuse me if I do not entiede well because I'm translating the text with the Google translator.

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    Re: Some problems with Oculus and Kunena

    Posted 5 years 1 month ago
    • Please do not post extensions/template specific questions in the "General Discussion" forum. You should post in the extension forum or template forum as appropriate. Most of these forums are for members who have a current PAID membership. Our priority is always to assist paying members.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Your subscription appears to have expired. Support does require a current subscription.

      You will need to use firebug (or one of the other developer tools) to find the elements you wish to restyle and then write some custom CSS to change their appearance.

      This is how to create a custom CSS compatible with Gantry 4...

      Simply create a file called "<TEMPLATENAME>-custom.css" and put this file in the CSS folder of the template (where <TEMPLATENAME> is the name of the template as seen in template manager e.g. rt_iridescent would be rt_iridescent-custom.css). GANTRY4 will automatically load this CSS file. If you wish, you can also have browser specific files by appending, for example, "-ie9" making the filename "<TEMPLATENAME>-custom-ie9.css"

      Regards, Mark.
    • Please search forums before posting. Please make sure your post includes the version of the CMS you are using and a link to the problem. Annotations on screenshots can also be helpful to explain problems/goals. Please use the "secure" tab for confidential information.

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