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Introduce yourself to everyone

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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 3 months ago
    • RT community is growing everyday......Welcome
  • Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 3 months ago
    • I'm from: Rapid City, South Dakota, via TexasI found this forum-site because a web designer sent me a spam
      email trying to sell me on them creating a site for my company. I liked what I saw so I viewed the code and saw joomla in
      the code so I followed the trail here. I'm a great hitch hiker!

      For a living I: Am the publisher of two newspapers: weekly paper is Coffee News of The Black Hills and bi-monthly paper is
      The Country Register of The Dakotas. Would like to offer web design as a service.

      The best film I've ever seen is: Dancing with Wolves of course!

      On the iPod right now and always will be: Don't have an IPOD but paid for one and buy the songs for my sons. If I weren't paying for his I'd like one! On it you would find mostly Enya and Country plus I love American Idol and would add some of the new musicians to it.

      The thing I'd like most to do, right now, that I haven't done is: You know, I've traveled a ton, BTW was in Sweden two summersago, Marieham Island. loved it and plan to spend more time in Finland. Love Ittala crystal and collect it. Have friends in Sweden. So I want to meet them in London, spend some time there then head to Finland for more travels.

      Something I'm really proud of is: 4 Sons & 2 grand daughters. 3 sons in the military - 1 is now in Iraq. In awe of my sons.

      I'd like to add here another question:
      Where is the Best Place you ever dined? For me: The Space Needle in Seattle. beyond a question.
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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    • I'm from: born and raised in Albania-Europe, now live in Cleveland-USA
      I found RT when: Almost 3 years ago, almost in the same time when I got so tired of mambo
      For a living: I am an Environmental Engineer for a Global Thermal Interface change Material Company. Before I was a civil engineer working both in Italy and Albania but since I finished my master degree in EE in USA, I decided to stay and here I am….
      The best film I've ever seen is: Forest Gump
      On the iPod right now and always will be: Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Skid Row
      The thing I'd like most to do, right now, that I haven't done is: Meet the next President of USA ;D
      Something I'm really proud of is: My son and family.
      Favorite Foods: Italian Food.

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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    • I've been around here a little bit and I'm grateful for all the help and I just realized, I never introduced myself. So......

      I'm from: italy but grew up in montreal canada, where it's too %$#^#@ cold in the winter, but a nice enough place
      I found RT when: I found Joomla
      For a living I: help fine art students use computer and audiovisual technology
      The best film I've ever seen is: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, or The Thin Red Line
      On the iPod right now and always will be: mogwai, arctic monkeys, the smiths, interpol, the jesus lizard
      The thing I'd like most to do, right now, that I haven't done is: travel to egypt
      Something I'm really proud of is: finishing school
      Favorite Foods: pasta/noodles, vegetarian japanese

  • Re: 13 Years On The Web And Practically Non- Existent.

    Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    • Hello, there's my name, and I am happy to see a forum where there are no "user" names. I started using my real name in forums a while back. Before that, you can do a search for "seoagent" and see all there is on Google. This will span several forums, and a few blogs. Mostly in the seo world.

      Recently developed training centers for software products such as seo elite, keyword elite, affiliate elite. If you're into Internet marketing or Click Bank, you can't help but run into these sites. I last was "seen" doing webinars for around 500 people at a show, twice a day. And because of this, I am now on the "Beta Team" at Citrix Online (CITRIX- NASDAQ). I am known to software developers as someone that rips products apart and makes them better. I helped build a better "Affiliate Elite" Software by making around 90 recommendations.

      I've been "fixing" software and processes since 1988. I've been tracking computers since the 4K computer in 1975 knowns as the "PET" Computer. Cost $475 then. Most of the time I am "non-existant", because I am ard at work working on other peoples adventures.But for the past two months, I finally broke free to develop 7 new website adventures. I had to, because the "noise" was getting too loud.

      That happens when you start doing something right after 13 years of "testing" everything that makes the web work. Taking my own sweet time is probably understating it. However, it places me in a unique position. One where I have simply read more and applied more than most. And all of a sudden the leading seo software company finds out you know more than they do about their own products and asks you to make some training videos. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you're trail blazing a new web 2.0 platform for hundreds of software trainers to follow.

      Kind of like what happens when you build a templated website and everyone wants one. The next thing you know you have a huge membership site selling templates you made two years ago and people can't get enough of your work. LOL. And so here I am at Rocket Theme. One thing lead to another when I got a call from a infomercial video training company. They were very surprised I knew all the tech stuff about their operation. And because of the call, I did some more looking around and noticed in the template source a word I had heard before, but was finally curious enough to follow through with, "Joomla."

      This lead me on a two week journey after I was finally fed up with WP. Yes, I made it work, and everything I published went to the top position in the search engines. But since I already was teaching seo, this was not a new experience for me. But I found it a real pain attempting to get WP to do what I wanted it to do. If you have ever worked with WP, you'll know very quickly you need to start coding in php if you ever want to get a site looking like you want it. It does not have modules.

      Well, after I figured Joomla was going to be the answer to my web 2.0 sites, I quickly realized there were some very good template designers out there. I came across a site called "Best of Joomla!" They had a template section and Rocket Theme was I believe the second or third on their list. I checked out the other two for the first two days and thought, "Wow, I need to get these guys working with me." But when I finally came to Rocket Theme, I was blown away.

      And it wasn't for the templates either, it was for the training section. I can tell you this did not happen by itself. I believe the owners here got some really great consultation and took off with those recommendations. The end result was every template is produced with training material. It's not bad, but you need to realize the guys are web designers, not editors for Hill McGraw. I can see once again, I'll be able to "fix" things and make them better here as well. LOL.

      After another two weeks of looking at everything Rocket Theme had to offer, I decided to jump in. And no the price didn't phase me one bit. At my level on the web, we look at the problems we will run into when we "join" something and have learned the initial price is the least of our concerns. I wanted to know I would not be left hanging out to dry when something did not work as they said it would.

      Too late for that, the guys at Rocket Theme got my endorsement. I am too busy to use ordinary back channels, and decided to buy through the front end. It's been years since I have ever paid for any software or other services. The reason is when you can offer video production, build training centers, and you have access to Internet Television Studios, people just give you things, and hope you use it and mention it. I tend to make a significant difference to their bottom line as an added benefit. I was so impressed with Rocket Theme, I decided if I can get it all to work out okay, I'll promote it to thousands of Internet Marketers, and improve the training material.

      I really like working on the web. I work from home and have a very nice view. It's been like that for about a year and a half now. I even got me wife working for a prominent software company in customer and tech support. Show works from home as well and works only six hours a day. That's half of what I do, but I find she is on the computer some extra four hours "social web surfing.' Face Book for most people I think.

      What I can say, is I am impressed with the forum platform, although RocketWerx is working with developers of another forum platform and I am wondering when they will change this one over. On my first attempt, all my Rocket Themes installed flawlessly, but the documents are a little hazy. Had I not already practiced installing 7 Joomla Installs manually, I might have had a glitch, because I had no idea where I was when I did not see the RT "Intro" Page. It never showed up and I realized I was right at the beginning of a Joomla install all over again.

      No problem, I continued, and actually expected the whole thing to fail. But once I got to "Step 7" and finished. I removed the install folder, and previewed the website. And there it was, Dimensions, in all it's glory with all the plug-ins as promised, on my own domain. That was exciting. The next thing I was completely sold on RT, was when I went into the Admin Interface and started changing the sample content and menus.

      Like a dream, where I just "did it" without ever thinking of the coding behind it all. I clicked "Apply" and then "Save."(a little precaution I do). I looked at the site and there it was, all my changes had taken place with linking pointing to where it was supposed to go. Was it all RT? No it was Joomla 1.5 and Rocket Theme 1.5 and my own changes all working in harmony together.

      Have you ever traveled to a new resort or holiday spot and said to yourself, "Have you ever seen such a beautiful place like this before?" Well that's how I felt when I saw my own web 2.0 site come to life. It was all my ideas, built on the Joomla and RocketWerx Platform with the Rocket Theme Skins. And what did I pay for this little gem?

      $5 for hosting, $7 for domain, ($75/7 Sites)$10.71= $22.71. Amazing, besides never having to go through the hassle of WP again, the WP templates were going to cost me $165 just for one to get it "designed" to my fit. This is not from scratch, just some visual changes. So why do I endorse Rocket Theme? They think like I do, "take an idea and max it out past anywhere anyone has even seen, or known what can be possible."

      I'm in for the long term, and if I remain "non-existent," that's a good thing, because I build platforms that enrich the web experience. Rocket Theme helps me do this. And in a few weeks I will be able to introduce our first Rocket Themed Site. If I can ever get the RokHeadRotator to work in the Dimensions Template!LOL.

      I work on the web full time, I'm excited about my work, and I look forward to meeting alot of good people here. :D
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  • Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    • Hi all! Wife and husband team here developing and administering a vBulletin based 42,000+ member community and content site that we're working on enveloping in/migrating to Joomla!. I'm the wife, so I'll answer for me, then allow my DH to answer for himself. ;)

      From Susan:

      I'm from: one of the last small towns in America, pop. 302. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia
      I found RT when: researching templates for the 4th iteration of our site, (Just getting started, so no RT there yet!) Community is what IKEAFANS is all about, so we were thrilled to find a great support community at RT. That's what sold us on RT. The tutorials are an extra added bonus for the Joomla! newbie!
      For a living we: spin the hamster wheel 24/7 with the expectation that our website will allow us to live and love and be with our children full-time
      The best film I've ever seen is: hmmm...loved "What the Bleep", but I imagine there are better 'films' back in the recesses of my memory...
      The best book I've ever read is: Confederacy of Dunces - hysterical
      On the iPod right now: Jack Johnson
      The thing I'd like most to do, right now, that I haven't done is: travel extensively around the world (visiting IKEAs, what else?)
      Something I'm really proud of is: turning off the television, unschooling our children at home, getting out of the ratrace, knowing my husband loves me for ME

      From James:
      I'm from: Many places? Born in Saddle River New Jersey, lived in Snellville(Atlanta) GA, Orlando FL, Charleston SC, then moved to Virginia (several places) and currently live in the quintisessntial small town.
      I found RT when: Researching Joomla! templates. Our other faves are Joomlajunkie and Yoothemes, but RT has by FAR the best community and VASTLY better support. The tutorials and ongoing support we've seen here are *why* we're here.
      For a living we: Are frantically building the new version of our site so that we can both continue to work from home and homeschool our kids.
      The best film I've ever seen is: Can't list just one, there are too many. Ditto for books.
      On the iPod right now:Rush: Roll the Bones, Jethro Tull: Hymn 43, Jack Johnson: Good people
      The thing I'd like most to do, right now, that I haven't done is: Get the site to the point where it's generating enough income so we can travel. Then get a good internet connection on a bluewater cruising sailboat ;)
      Something I'm really proud of is: Learning to live "intentionally" rather than falling into rote patterns. Homeschooliong our kids so they grow up loving to learn rather than slogging though the requirements.

      Glad to be here! I'm sure we'll have many questions as we move forward, and as we learn we'll try to help out when and where we can.

      Susan and James
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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    • Susan...James and Robert...all that i can say is Welcome to the RT World..
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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    • I'm from: A suburb a few miles north of Boston, MA, USA

      I found RT when: I forget. I was looking for a system to house my churches website and fell into Joomla and then RT.

      For a living: Network engineer

      Best film I've ever seen: Drama: The Godfather, Family movie: The sandlot
      On my ipod: Don't own one

      The thing I'd like to do right now, but haven't done: Visit the Grand Canyon

      Something I'm really proud of: My wife and 3 kids (and being a republican in the socialist state of Massachusetts...)

      Favorite food: pasta, chocolate and red wine (or a good beer, depends on the situation)

      Hobbies: Who has time for hobbies?...
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  • Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    • I'm from: Paris France
      For a living I: I'm technical Project Manager
      I Found RT: on mambo website ...
      On the iPod: I don't have one
      The thing I'd like most to do: Play FPS Video Games
      Something I'm really proud of is: My Daughter
      Favorite hobbies of mine: Play FPS Video Games
      Favourite Food: All kind
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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 12 years 1 month ago
    • Nuno Santiago wrote:
      Quality, i'm always looking for quality.

      I've just been in Lisbon and Madeira for 10 days. Believe me, Lisbon is the nicest place to live in Europe (and i've been around a lot).
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