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Introduce yourself to everyone

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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 7 years 2 months ago
  • Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 6 years 2 months ago
    • Hey I'm back my name is Karl from Costa Mesa CA. I started working with Joomla back in the 1.0 days of Joomla. Rockettheme was one of the first Template companies I joined. I learned a lot my joining this club. I have gone to 4 Joomla Days and meet a lot of Key People who founded and developed it in the beginning at the events except for Andy ( I wish I could have meet you at one of the events ). I started my fist business in 1972 after I dropped out of high school to go intro business. I always learned by doing and building things. I manufactured and traveled the USA with products made in America at Trade Shows, Events and State Fairs. I have always been a forward thinker and jumped in on new things. That is what I did when I learned about Joomla. Here is a Classic Movie I did in 2009 at a Joomla Days Then in 2010 I went to the first World Joomla Days did this video, If you look at some of the people in the videos you will see some Key Joomla developers. - I always thought the CMS as a way to broadcast and connect people. That is what always intrigued be with the internet in the first place. I started a new project LambCottage, I have always been into change. From protesting Vietnam War or all wars in fact. To when I bought a home in 2005 and lost it after the crash, so I worked with the Occupy movement to bring about change ( I had no other way to get back at the Banks that robbed everyone who bought a home at that time.) Well some things work and then they don't but change is something you can't escape. Now I work as a free lancer in Orange County where I was born and raised with small business owners helping to promote their companies in media made for the internet. I started a organization that is part of what I do called Lambcottage the resource, recycling and homeless project in Orange County built with Joomla you can check out my crazy idea at lambcottage.com

      Well here to learn more from the community – It's all good hello world
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    Re: Introduce yourself to everyone

    Posted 3 years 10 months ago
    • I'm From: Basingstoke, UK
      I found RT when: Back when Mambo was a thing.
      For a living I: Develop with Django/Golang/PHP
      The best film I've ever seen is: Armageddon
      On the iPod right now and always will be: DJ Cotts
      The thing I'd like most to do, right now, that I haven't done is: Probably start a verbal conversation, im a bit quiet.
      Something I'm really proud of is: My four year old daughter
      Favorite Hobbies: Tennis, driving, days out, visiting historical sites.
      Favorite Foods: Pizza, cheeseburgers, roast potatos.

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