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Wireframing Software Recommendations?

    • UXPin
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    • Axure
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    • Balsamiq
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    • Sketch
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    • Pidoco
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    • Other...
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  • Total number of voters: 2 ( Zoran Kanti-Paul, Terp )
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  • Wireframing Software Recommendations?

    Posted 4 years 7 months ago
    • I'd love to solicit some real-word advice (please, spare the opinions if you have not actually used the software) about choosing a rapid, low-learning curve wireframing tool that dovetails nicely with Joomla/RT. Both in the cloud and standalone (Mac) As focus, we do SMB ecommerce development, sites focused on event booking, and governemnt/municipal sites

      I've used:
      OmniGraffle (toolset waaaay too broad)
      Adobe Muse (too early - feels like alpha release software)
      Adobe InDesign/Illustrator (interactive elements too kludge, too slow, not enough libraries of pre-built content)

      Currently Reviewing:

      Any suggestions/Critique? And many thanks!
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    • Matt
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    Re: Wireframing Software Recommendations?

    Posted 4 years 7 months ago
    • Some others here: medium.com/@de/resources-799d16952a56#6e5f

      //I've not used any, so sorry... no input... I use Photoshop if a mockup is requested
    • SEARCH the forum first! These boards are rich in knowledge and vast in topics :woohoo:
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    • David Goode
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    Re: Wireframing Software Recommendations?

    Posted 4 years 6 months ago
    • Hi there,

      There is a free kit here with quite a few resources already built but it is not a full solution as you will still need to create your own elements - www.pixeden.com/web-wireframing/webpage-wireframe-stencil

      Hope this helps 8)
    • David

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