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Women vs men, my Nuance

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    Women vs men, my Nuance

    Posted 5 years 4 months ago
    • Many developments in the applicable aviation may be use on the sites. Pilot cabin have complicated interface (about 400 points attention). The airport has to deal with nervous people. All in a hurry. Everything must be taken into account. A similar situation on the sites.
      Nuance. Ideal location information.
      Information on the top for the impatient brings visitors quickly and easily (basic human needs). Below forms related to the site ("I'm interested in everything, and then cleverly tell a friend").
      Even below the transition from authorities to "housewives". Lower unit for particularly interested details. At the bottom "And whom I'm dealing with? "
      Interestingly built FP RokSprocket Showcase. Quickly delivered 7 pieces of information (in practice usefulness is limited 5 pieces). In the most prominent place is 2-3 words about the site and confirming the picture. Bottom right link to the landing page for purchase. Ideal.
      Logo left. The logo should be stationed on the left. An exception for those firms or government agencies that do not have leaders, standing above (the Queen of England, the president, the Senate) They disposes logo on the center. Right disposes - the basic idea or address (contact). These are general rules.
      Six news. Three news text and three graphics. Breakdown trio makes it easy to understand the main ideas or news. Even the news since the birth of Christ seem fresh.
      An interesting bunch: a bright streak of five boxes and a large dark picture underneath. On the white stripe is convenient to arrange the benefits of the product (service). And on the big picture to answer questions from visitors: "What benefit will your product?” The perfect solution (5 bosses and one output)
      The bottom is useful to refer to the pages of the site (go to the main page of Google and is ranked above the other). I’m wrong? The bottom is useful to refer to the pages of the site (go to the main page of Google and is ranked higher
      Target visitors.
      Nuance allows sites to target Visitors. For example, it is not necessary to do a site for a restaurant. Restaurant you do not buy it. It is necessary to make the site for visitors. For example, visitors on the business City - they have their own interests. On the beach this people has the same needs and interests.

      For men, the information changes after 3 sec. To women - 2.7
      The balance of text and images 50:50 (Nuance in this sense, an ideal)
      The young need 20% less time, scientists at more than 50%

      When fonts are created, women have not read. They read bad today.
      Limit the number of words of article 19, 13 is better, even better 7.
      Large font, contrast.
      Style index - "red dress attracts successful men (5) making For you $ 300 (2)" all 7.
      Style index - "red dress attracts successful men (5) making you $ 300 (2)" all 7. Passage - a separate image. (I am in the red and "prince" in white). "In white" because white background.
      Fonts and graphics - twins. Nuance balanced font and graphics.
      Font not only information. Font has a background and frame for graphics.
      Women are well aware of the images. Font for women - the picture in her head.
      Men want the fine print long articles. (1/3 page).
      Men - pieces of information. Women - short phrases - images.
      Women hardly used the menu. All information is required immediately (template Nuance, Showcases - background does not distract, but creates a trusted environment). Men looking menus, table of contents, go deep. Men go to an interesting topic from the main menu.
      Unfortunately the menu can not hold a lot of points. At lower menu screens Do not place in two lines as text.
      In one line placed 4-5 points.This is the biggest drawback of the template. Hopefully, Roquette is correct.
      Shape. Everyone is glad to see you. Women draw circles, men - arrows.
      Women - form (shoes), men - geometry (triangle). Women - wave, men - straight

      The problem of choice.
      Sequence. Many - three - one. (Key - 3).
      Man easily count up to three, the limit of 7. News is not more, than seven, divided by two or three + 1bonus.

      Women - the color of the body (skin, eyes hair).
      Men - technical colors (the colors of cars is suitable)
      It should be noted Callisto. Finally there were the colors for practical use.
      Colors and Culture
      Pink coined magazines. Selected as the average between the red (love, sex) and white (infertility, modesty)
      Blue - opposed to pink. Imposed colored tag.
      In severe interfaces pink color does not apply.
      The colors that attract attention (and the background color) are designed IKAO. "Recommendations" IKAO - law.
      Once there was a black, then blue-green (commonly offered Rocket), now applies only warm - gray with pink tinge (a special blend of bright colors) or neutral with the addition of 2% - 5% of any color. The new color scheme is similar to Rocket correct.
      Exception - black outdated. Although it does not lose popularity among users. Many people think that on a black background more visible image. No, from the black visitor gets tired easily and leaves. Have you seen any of the album art museum? And what color the walls of the new Metropolitan, New York? Take the example.
      Women need emotional nature (flaming, love, good, bad)
      Men practice (reliable, convenient)

      This article written in the hope that other members of the forum will support the theme. Gantry 5 attract new customers, not professionals, not designers. Focused on the design. Competition will intensify. I would like to know more.
      Can anyone translate this article into normal English?
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    Re: Women vs men, my Nuance

    Posted 5 years 4 months ago
    • This Forum, the "Member Submissions", is a place for members to submit pieces of code they've written... either as supplements to RocketTheme templates or extensions or as full-blown pieces of software they want to share.

      That being said, I don't believe we have an appropriate forum for what you've posted here... we are not in the business of translating text nor helping with wire frames or mockups... if anywhere, perhaps the Water Cooler is an OK spot... I'll move the thread there for now

      "The Marketplace" is the correct forum for paid requests / seeking independant developers to assist you
    • Last Edit: 5 years 4 months ago by Matt.
    • SEARCH the forum first! These boards are rich in knowledge and vast in topics :woohoo:
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    Re: Women vs men, my Nuance

    Posted 5 years 4 months ago
    • That's right. One of the mod writing. He thinks, women's website is pink site. I replied. Concrete examples of the construction site for female.
      Submission of information for women is different. Specific examples of the net is not (they are not known me). The article describes the major differences. I do not understand the template, but in the supply of materials for women understand something.
      I did not teach. If debris - delete article, pls.
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    Re: Women vs men, my Nuance

    Posted 5 years 4 months ago
    • WT*?
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    Re: Women vs men, my Nuance

    Posted 5 years 2 months ago
    • Love it! :)
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