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What would you like to see in Joomla 4?

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    What would you like to see in Joomla 4?

    Posted 5 years 2 days ago
    • Hi everyone! It's been awhile, hope you're all doing well.

      I'm part of the Joomla 4 UX team and we're getting started with research. We're looking for feedback as well as volunteers to participate in interviews as part of the J4 development process. We want to know what you think will make Joomla better. There is a short survey on my JUG site if you have a few minutes to spare. You can also let us know if you would like to volunteer for a more detailed interview as part of our process. We're looking for input from as many different Joomla users as possible.

      I'm the J4 template department UX guy, and my time working at Rocket Theme has no doubt opened many doors for me and helped me get to this point. I love the products and community here, and we're all template people, so I would really love to know what suggestions or thoughts you might have.

      You can find the survey here: J4 UX Survey
      Feel free to post in this thread if that works better for you.

      I'll be reviewing all suggestions personally and presenting them to the JUX and PLT in a few weeks.

      Thanks and keep up the great work! It just keeps getting better :)
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