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SOLVED For the mods and the others of RT

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    SOLVED For the mods and the others of RT

    Posted 2 years 1 month ago
    • First my english is not the best.
      sometimes I think an answer in my language and I see sometimes the effect is different from which I was thinking.

      As customer of many, js, sh404 ecc and not only in internet I can say that I can't find a Mod Squad better than yours.

      As I said to Mark, you solve the 100% of the problem, sometimes in few hours, and also problem that come from modification of the customer that really you don't have to solve.

      When you don't solve problem is because, i see many times, over your competence and is a concern of the core team.

      Ok sometimes I'm polemics, irritant also, so sorry about that but what I think and I get from you is the best support I have.

      I learn joomla whit you, ok 50% ( I don't have a lot of time fo learn more things :), i learn Gantry and many others things.

      So, don't thake personally what I write also if you think is....is not, I can't explain in reality all I want because my lack of english.

      I'm sure all customer here can say the same.

      So ladies and gentlemen :) forgive me and...don't stop be the best mod squad around here :)

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