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Home page different - Need help!

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    Home page different - Need help!

    Posted 14 years 6 months ago
    • The following is one link to my current site:


      From that link you'll see links in the left side that pictures dated June 22nd and June 23. Also, the top menu shows the "Gallery" link as to the com_zoom gallery (still there, but no longer being used).

      However, if you use the following link you'll see something completely different:


      With this link the left side does NOT show the June 22nd and 23rd pictures link. The "Gallery" menu button links to com_gallery2 instead of com_zoom. This view is the correct view.

      No matter what I've tried, clearing browser cache and the like, I cannot get the old view to show correctly. Even if I add or change content, the old links still display on the page. Anyone have an idea of how I can get the default link to show the same as the further qualified link? The site should always default to using index.php, whether or not it's specified.
  • Re: Home page different - Need help!

    Posted 14 years 6 months ago
    • easy one :-)

      In Apache (and all other better httpd-servers) you can define which file the server should use when the url only contains a directory (or in your case the root of the website)

      this is called DirectoryIndex. Normaly the DirectoryIndex use more than one file. e.g
      DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.php index.php3 index.phtml

      So the server search for an file in this list and displays the first he finds.
      In your case he finds an index.html and displays that. you can try it yourself if you enter:
      hxhummer.danbo.com/index.html directly.

      So to get rid of it, and display the index.php you simple have to delete or rename the index.html.

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