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Community Builder

  • Community Builder

    Posted 14 years 4 months ago
    • Anyone here using Community Builder RC2? If so, what forum software are you using that integrates with CB? I know I should probably post this at Joomlapolis.com, but I want to see what a select group of Joomla devotees is doing.

    • Shayne L.'s Avatar

    Re: Community Builder

    Posted 14 years 4 months ago
    • Right now I am waiting for the vB bridge to be released. I use to use the simpleboard because it integrates so nicely into many different parts of Community Builder.
    • Markku Suominen's Avatar

    Re: Community Builder

    Posted 14 years 4 months ago
    • Simpleboard is a safe choice because it is already part of CB. vBridge is promising but I think it takes time before it is stable. SMF on the other hand would be great addition but it already works with CB to some extent. There's been some heated discussions on the SMF forum and the misbehavioiur or one or two CB fans basically destroyed the CB's good image in the eyes of SMF-dev's. Please read more here:

      1)  The bridge works with Community Builder.  There is code in the bridge to ensure that users are entered into the Community Builder tables.  This is nothing new.

      2) SMF is a stand-alone forum product.  It is not a Joomla component.  Perhaps when Community Builder starts expanding into products such as Xoops, PostNuke, and PhpNuke, I'll take another look.  For now, see point #1 above.  I think the work I'm doing on PhpNuke is going to bring in far more "potential users" than Community Builder ever would.  (And those users are likely to have a more respectful tone in their posts.)

      3) The whining, complaining, threatening to use other software, and now bickering in regards to this matter are sickening.  If this is the type of people for whom I would be making a product, I would look for another market.

      4) As Chadness pointed out, there is nothing stopping anyone else from creating a CB extension that does exactly what they want. 

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