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Moved Joomla Site... now index.php is just plain white!

  • Moved Joomla Site... now index.php is just plain white!

    Posted 14 years 6 months ago
    • I had to move to another host and I have moved quite a few database type sites... I moved recently to a new hosting company and I performed a mysql dump from my main database and imported that dump into the new database. The new site just shows a blank white sceen on index.php. The domains are the same.... The new hosting company does have different paths but I have added them....

      I can see the admin area and even login, all of my content is still there and everything seems to be in tact.

      I have edited the config file... I just dont know what I am missing! Help would be greatly appreciated... Maybe there is something I forgot!

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    Re: Moved Joomla Site... now index.php is just plain white!

    Posted 14 years 6 months ago
    • Double check your config file.

      Make sure your paths are right and dir slashes are correct and the path is properly entered.
      $mosConfig_absolute_path = '/httpdocs';
      $mosConfig_cachepath = '/httpdocs/cache';

      Turn on debug for a test.
      $mosConfig_debug = '1';

      You can also try this.
      $mosConfig_offline = '1';
      See if your site shows the offline message.

      What happens when you try to preview the site from the admin site?
      What editor did you edit the config file with?
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  • Re: Moved Joomla Site... now index.php is just plain white!

    Posted 14 years 6 months ago
    • Well I purchased a new server from 1and1.com Its the Root III package and I installed Fedora Core 4, I also compiled both versions of PHP. 4 & 5

      Apparently PHP was not reporting errors and there was a file missing from one of my directories... I was able to see the error after making a quick change. I hope this helps someone in the future if they have the same problem. The Joomla white screen is commonly caused my mis_configurations or permission issues.

      I created a php info file and placed it in my root directory. It seems by default the php.ini file was not set to show errors.

      I had to 2 options... Because I have root access through Shell, I went in and changed the php.ini file and found
      display_errors Off and set to display_errors On

      For someone who does not have access to their servers php.ini file. (Very common among shared hosting plans) you can add an .htaccess file by opening up note pad and addressing the directive to php.ini

      This is how you would turn display_errors On

      php_flag display_errors On

      To see your current PHP settings create a new file called phpinfo.php and add this small amount of code.



      Upload this to the root of your site and call it through your web browser! Done... you will see all of your PHP settings.

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