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Joomla 3.9

Lightspeed Performance Optimization

RokBooster is an advanced performance plugin, that will compress and collate your CSS and JavaScript files; alongside data URL conversion for Fonts as well as inline or background images, which converts files to inline data. RokBooster therefore reduces the HTTP calls count as well as the data load size, dramatically increasing site speed.

About RokBooster

Performance Examples

Performance Examples

Adjacent are statistics taken from the Acacia Demo, comparing the requests, load size and load speed when RokBooster is active (bottom) and when it is not (top).

The data shows RokBooster has created a 82% drop in HTTP requests, a 39% decrease in load size / files transferred, and a 25% increase in page load speed.

Plugin Options

RokBooster provides an extensive array of control options, to set all the compression variables through one interface, providing individual enabling and configuration.

Advanced options include the ability to ignore particular files and also pages to avoid compatibility issues. File permissions can also be adjusted to ensure compatibilty.
Plugin Options

RokBooster Overview

  • Compress/Combine CSS Files
  • Compress/Combine JavaScript
  • GZip Compression
  • Compress Inline CSS
  • Compress Inline Javascript
  • Compress Inline Images
  • Compress Background Images
  • Compress Inline Fonts
  • Customizable Cache Timeout
  • Background Rendering
  • Full Page Scan
  • Ignore Specific Files
  • Ignore Specific Pages
  • Configurable Permissions
  • Exempt Internet Explorer
  • Custom Cache Clearer
  • Settable Loading Location