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Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Latest Comments

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Reaction Demo for Joomla

Latest Comments

This area of the front page is a JComments Latest module. You will find the settings used in our demo below.

JComments is an extension built and supported by a third party and is not officially supported by RocketTheme.


Option Setting
Title Latest Comments
Show Title Show
Position sidebar-a
Status Published
Access Public


Option Setting
Source com_content
Number of Items 5
Period - All -
Comments Grouping None
Order Recent First

Display Options

Option Setting
Comment Title Hide
Comment Author Show
Comment Text Limit 1000
Read More Link Hide
Comment Date Hide
Date Type Absolute
Date Format d.m.Y H:i
Object Title Hide
Linked Titles No
Heading Level H4
Avatar Show
Smiles Text

Filtering Options

Option Setting
Category - All Categories -


Option Setting
Module Class Suffix

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