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Camber: Recreating the Demo - Header

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Camber Theme for WordPress

Header Section

Gantry Logo
Gantry Login Form

Here is the widget breakdown for the Header section:

  • Gantry Logo
  • Gantry Divider
  • Gantry Login Form

Gantry Logo

The first thing you will need to do is click and drag the Gantry Logo widget from the Available Widgets area of the Widgets menu to the appropriate section. Once this is done, the logo should appear in as it does in the demo. You can further customize this logo by following the instructions in our FAQ.

In this instance, the Auto Size and Per Style Logo options have been checked.

Gantry Divider

This widget tells WordPress to start a new widget column beginning with the widget placed directly below the divider in the section.

Gantry Login Form

The login form located on the top-right of the front page is actually a Gantry Login Form widget. Here are the widget options you will need to change in order to match the demo.

Option Setting
Title Blank
User Greeting Hi,
Pre-text Blank
Post-text Blank

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