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Lumiere: Recreating the Demo - Video Background

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Lumiere Theme for WordPress

Video Background Section

Here is the widget breakdown for the Video Background section:

  • Gantry Video Background

The Video Background widget position(s) were created to allow for the video element to play alongside the main RokSprocket widget found in the Showcase section.

Gantry Video Background

Adding and configuring this widget is very simple. Just drag the Gantry Video Background widget into the Video Background section. You do not need to change any other settings to have this element appear as part of the background of your main Showcase RokSprocket widget.

You might be wondering how you can make adjustments to the video playing in the background. Let's say you would like to select a different video to complement your site's unique look.

These settings can be found in the main Lumiere theme settings menu by navigating to Admin -> Lumiere Theme -> Style and modifying settings in the Video section of the menu. Once you hit Save you can refresh the page to see these changes.

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