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Slider 3 Incompatibility With RokSprocket

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    Slider 3 Incompatibility With RokSprocket

    Posted 7 months 3 weeks ago
    • Hi Rockeththeme team! I hope you are well.

      I've recently updated my site and it seems slider 2 was no longer available so I moved to slider 3. I have to disable roksprocket to get slider 3 top work, or vice versa. I do get the error in slider 3 below:

      Possible conflicts
      Gantry 4 - Your theme uses an outdated MooTools library which is not compatible.

      What does rocketheme recommend I do to alleviate this issue?
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    Re: Slider 3 Incompatibility With RokSprocket

    Posted 7 months 3 weeks ago
    • We won't be changing the mootools version include with roksprocket. The roksprocket plugin is not far away from retirement, we have already retired "rokgallery" and made it a legacy extension that we no longer support. Unfortunately Mootools often conflicts with JQuery based programs. Also, google altered recaptcha recently and change the mootools version in that to one that is no longer backwards compatible - this has has the effect the none of the old RT extension that use Mootools will work with recaptcha active at all (not sure if this related to your issue or not).

      Sorry but I'm afraid roksprocket will not be getting any more updates so there is nothing that we can do.

      Regards, Mark.
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