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Joomla 3.9

Powerful Menu Module

RokNavMenu is a powerful menu module which provides functions above and beyond the capabilities of the default Joomla menu, especially when utilizing a RocketTheme template. The extension is at the core of all RocketTheme's great template menus which provide exclusive menu item options such as custom module drop-downs.

About RokNavMenu


Template Intense

At the heart of our template menus you'll find RokNavMenu. Coupled with our templates, the menu module produces a stunning display with smooth dropdown transitions.

When utilizing our responsive templates, RokNavMenu will also adapt to the width of any screen. In the mobile view, the menu is then condensed into a single selectbox.

Exclusive Menu Options

RokNavMenu provides menu item specific options when utilizing our templates. From icons to custom module displays, we've given users more control over their menus.

To receive the most decorated options, install any template from 2011-onward and make it your default template. These templates prove to have the greatest number of feature sets.

RokNavMenu Overview

  • Enhanced Menu Module
  • Various Menu Themes
  • Advanced Fusion Settings
  • Dynamic Child Direction
  • Subline Text Feature
  • Menu Image/Icon Option
  • Item Distribution Options
  • Custom Module Drop-Downs
  • Dropdown/Column Sizing