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Utility Extensions

This section is to list all the utility extensions. These are a variation of currently supported and legacy extensions, that provide a supporting role to the main extensions or templates. Extensions range from one-off installation plugins to correct errors, to supporting plugins for ajax and other functionality, and small standalone feature plugins.

About RokUtilities


RokCheck is an administrator module that checks to see if your RocketTheme template(s) are up to date. A link is provided on where to download any outdated templates. Credit to Mark Taylor (MrT).


RokCommon is a utility plugin that provides the library functions that are required for the RokSprocket and RokGallery extensions.


RokSocialButtons is a basic content plugin to display social links such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, with options for manual or category level addition.


RokInjectModule is bundle installed with RokSprocket, but also standalone here. It allows for modules to be injected into content via the [module-#] command.