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Sienna: Customizing Booking Form and Simple Booking Email Templates

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Sienna Demo for Grav


In this tutorial, we will show you how to customize your own email template using Simple Form, which is the application that is integrated into our Simple Booking or Booking Form particles.

Customizing the Email Template

The first step to creating a new template to use with your Booking Form particle is to visit https://getsimpleform.com/instructions?api_token=YOUR_TOKEN_HERE (make sure YOUR_TOKEN_HERE is using your correct API).

The next thing you will want to do is select the orange button labeled Form Settings in the upper-right area of the page. Going there, you can place your customized email template in the Body Template field and select Save.

Here is an example of the content you can put in this field:

Hello Mr. Example,
<br />
You received a message from {{Name}} ({{Email}}): <br />
<b>Title</b>:  {{Title}} <br />
<b>SubTitle</b>:  {{SubTitle}} <br />
<b>Description</b>:  {{Description}} <br />
<b>Price</b>:  {{Price}} <br />
<b>CheckInDate</b>:  {{CheckInDate}} <br />
<b>CheckOutDate</b>:  {{CheckOutDate}} <br />
<b>Adults</b>:  {{Adults}} <br />
<b>Children</b>:  {{Children}} <br />

You can change any aspect of this Body Template, the parts in the {{ }} are the areas that are generated from our particle. You can also adjust the email to add new information and/or customize the data as you wish.

It's also worth noting that the Booking Form does not use all of the items in our example. The Title, Subtitle, Description, and Price fields will be blank in the email if you do not remove them from your Body Template or add them when doing your own customizations to the particle.

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