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Maelstrom: Recreating the Demo - Portfolio Series

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Maelstrom Template for Joomla

Portfolio Series

This area of the front page is an article. Articles appear within the Mainbody area of the front page.

Turning on Mainbody Content

This content appears on the front page because the Display Component and Display Mainbody options have been turned on in the template settings. You can find these settings by navigating to Administrator -> Extensions -> Templates Manager -> Afterburner2 -> Advanced.

Once this is done, you can navigate to the Menu Manager by going to Administrator -> Menus -> Menu Manager. From here, you'll want to find the menu item for your home page and select it so you can access its settings. For our demo, it is located in Main Menu -> Home.

Leading Articles
Article Order

In order to show a featured article on the front page, we placed a 1 in the Leading Articles setting within the Layout Options menu. The Article Order has been set to Featured Articles Order. We also turned Linked Titles off in the Article Options menu.

Article Properties

The Portfolio Series article is a standard article with the Featured option turned on so it appears in the front page mainbody.

Here is the Article Text we used:

<img src="/images/stories/demo/frontpage/main1.jpg" alt="image" width="140" height="98" class="rt-image floatleft"/>

<span class="rt-author">Individually <a href="/component/content/article?id=2&Itemid=107"><em class="normal nobold">style</em></a> your modular content.</span>

<p class="smallmarginbottom"><em class="bold">Over 250 possible Module style combinations.</em></p>

<p class="smallmarginbottom">Combine the 31 style suffixes together to create diverse module styling, style the titles, module backgrounds and read more.</p>

<span class="rt-author">Highlights: <a href="/component/content/article?id=2&Itemid=107"><em class="normal nobold">Icons</em></a>, <a href="/component/content/article?id=2&Itemid=107"><em class="normal nobold">Combos</em></a>, <a href="/component/content/article?id=2&Itemid=107"><em class="normal nobold">Layout Suffixes</em></a></span>

<a class="readon floatright" href="/component/content/article?id=2&Itemid=107"><span>Read More...</span></a>

<div class="clear"></div>

<div class="title8 medmargintop medmarginbottom"><div class="title-highlight"><div class="title-highlight2"></div></div></div>

<img src="/images/stories/demo/frontpage/main2.jpg" alt="image" width="140" height="98" class="rt-image floatleft"/>

<span class="rt-author">Powered by the <a href="/component/content/?id=8&Itemid=140"><em class="normal nobold">RokNavMenu</em></a> module.</span>

<p class="smallmarginbottom"><em class="bold">Featuring Fusion with MegaMenu abilities.</em></p>

<p class="smallmarginbottom">Fusion is a Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu system, that is fully crawlable by search engines, and packed with advanced features.</p>

<span class="rt-author">Highlights: <a href="/component/content/?id=8&Itemid=140"><em class="normal nobold">Multi-Columns</em></a>, <a href="/component/content/?id=8&Itemid=140"><em class="normal nobold">Inline Modules</em></a>, <a href="/component/content/?id=8&Itemid=140"><em class="normal nobold">Menu Icons</em></a></span>

<a class="readon floatright" href="/component/content/?id=8&Itemid=140"><span>Read More...</span></a>

<div class="clear"></div>

<div class="title8 medmargintop medmarginbottom"><div class="title-highlight"><div class="title-highlight2"></div></div></div>

<img src="/images/stories/demo/frontpage/main3.jpg" alt="image" width="140" height="98" class="rt-image floatleft"/>

<span class="rt-author">Condense <a href="/?amp;view=article&amp;id=48&amp;Itemid=55"><em class="normal nobold">positions</em></a> for more window real estate.</span>

<p class="smallmarginbottom"><em class="bold">Scrollable module positions and rows.</em></p>

<p class="smallmarginbottom">Stacked modules published to the configured Module rows will load this feature; this places stacked modules inside a rotation element.</p>

<span class="rt-author">Highlights: <a href="/component/content/?id=3&Itemid=126"><em class="normal nobold">Smooth</em></a>, <a href="/component/content/?id=3&Itemid=126"><em class="normal nobold">Configurable</em></a>, <a href="/component/content/?id=3&Itemid=126"><em class="normal nobold">Automated</em></a></span>

<a class="readon floatright" href="/component/content/?id=3&Itemid=126"><span>Read More...</span></a>

<div class="clear"></div>

<div class="title8 medmargintop medmarginbottom"><div class="title-highlight"><div class="title-highlight2"></div></div></div>

<img src="/images/stories/demo/frontpage/main4.jpg" alt="image" width="140" height="98" class="rt-image floatleft"/>

<span class="rt-author">Versatile content <a href="/component/content/?id=5&Itemid=127"><em class="normal nobold">rotator</em></a> extension.</span>

<p class="smallmarginbottom"><em class="bold">A new RokStories layout mode.</em></p>

<p class="smallmarginbottom">The new Scroller Showcase layout, showcasing large images in an intuitive and elegant manner, perfect for any portfolio site.</p>

<span class="rt-author">Highlights: <a href="/component/content/?id=5&Itemid=127"><em class="normal nobold">Multiple Layouts</em></a>, <a href="/component/content/?id=5&Itemid=127"><em class="normal nobold">Advanced Controls</em></a></span>

<a class="readon floatright" href="/component/content/?id=5&Itemid=127"><span>Read More...</span></a>

<div class="clear"></div>

Once this article is created and set to Featured, it should appear on the front page.

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