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Omnicron: Recreating the Demo - FeatureTable

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Omnicron Demo for Joomla


This area of the front page is a standard RokFeatureTable module.

The demo utilized RokTabs, an extension which has since been replaced by RokSprocket, to present the table in a slideshow alongside other articles. The RokFeatureTable module was embedded in an article as its content body.

For the purposes of simplicity, we have detailed the settings we used for the RokFeatureTable module, specifically.


Option Setting
Title FeatureTable
Show Title Hide
Position special-featuretable
Status Published
Access Public


Option Setting
Built-in CSS Yes
Highlight Column Column 3
Preset Templates None Selected
Layout Setup 7 x 4

Layout Setup

You can reach this menu, which allows you to customize content within the table, by clicking on the sprocket icon in the Layout Setup area of Basic Options.

The following text is placed in the row fields for COL 1 (other columns have similar data).

Row Main Field Class Subline Link Style
ROW 1 Free name row-1 row-1 row-1
ROW 2 $0 price per month cell link
ROW 3 2 Users row-3 subline text cell link
ROW 4 1 GB Storage row-4 subline text cell link
ROW 5 No Customization row-5 subline text cell link
ROW 6 ⊕ iPhone App
row-6 subline text cell link height:89px;
ROW 7 Sign Up Now button-text button4 Sign Up to get access now! cell link


Option Setting
Module Class Suffix featuretable

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