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Clarion: Recreating the Demo - Showcase

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Clarion Theme for WordPress

Showcase Section

Here is the widget breakdown for the Showcase section:

  • RokGallery


This area of the demo is a RokGallery widget. You will need to do two things to prepare this widget so that it looks similar to the one in the demo.

First, you will need to create the RokGallery gallery. You can do this by navigating to Administration -> RokGallery Admin and creating a new gallery.

You can find out more about RokGallery and how to set up and modify widgets by visiting our RokGallery documentation.

Here is a look at the Features Layout Options for this widget.

Option Setting
Show Title
Gallery FP RokGallery
Link Type None
Default Linked Item Home
Show Title Yes
Show Caption Yes
Sort By Order
Sort Direction Ascending
Slice Limit 10
Gallery Style Light
Gallery Layout Slideshow Layout
Show Arrows Yes
Navigation Type None
Slice Animation Type Random
Animation Duration (ms) 500
Autoplay Disabled
Autoplay Delay 7
  • Set the Margin Variation to No Margin All.
  • Set the Padding Variation to No Padding All.
  • Leaving everything else at its default setting, select Save.

The widget should now be created and ready for use on the front page of your WordPress site.

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