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Dominion: Recreating the Demo - Copyright

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Dominion Theme for WordPress

Copyright Section

Gantry Copyright
Gantry To Top
Gantry Reset Settings

Here is the widget breakdown for the Copyright section:

  • Gantry Copyright
  • Gantry To Top
  • Gantry Reset Settings

The Copyright section remains the same for all areas of the site. Because of this, it is preserved as a Default widget override.

Gantry Copyright

The Gantry Copyright widget places a tiny Copyright notification at the bottom of the page. The only thing you need to change in this widget to match the demo is the text field, which includes: Designed by RocketTheme.

Gantry To Top

The Gantry To Top widget is a simple indicator which allows users to jump to the top of a page with a single click. In this instance, we added Scroll To Top to the To Top Text field.

Gantry Reset Settings

The Gantry Reset Settings widget gives users the option to revert any changes made using the Gantry Color Chooser to their default settings set by the administrator in the backend. The Reset Settings Text field has Reset Settings in it.

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