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Dominion: Recreating the Demo - Overrides

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Dominion Theme for WordPress

Theme Override Settings

One of the most important central features of any Gantry theme is the ability to be set up within the Theme Settings menu. These settings can be adjusted by navigating to Administration -> Dominion Theme. To replicate the demo, the main changes being made will happen within the Style, Gizmos, Layouts, and Advanced tabs.

This table will break down the various settings you may need to adjust in order to recreate the demo. Most of the settings under Style are adjusted automatically with the selection of a theme preset. You can set presets using the Presets button located next to the Save option at the top of the Theme Settings page.

Once you have selected a Preset, these options can be further adjusted to match the demo. Keep in mind that the override indicated here relates to the theme override in this menu. More information about how overrides work can be found in our Gantry documentation.


Override Option Setting
Default Background Level High
Default Body Level High
Default CSS Style Style 1
Default Link Color cc0000
Default Font Settings Font Family: Helvetica, Font Size: Default
Default Use WordPress Comments On
Default Custom CSS Blank


Override Option Setting
Default Feed Links On
Default IE6 Warning Show: On, Delay: 2000
Default Load Images Show: On, Offset Y: 50, XPath Ignores: Blank
Default Custom Title Tag Blank
Default Typography Shortcodes On
Default Shortcodes in Widgets On
Default RokStyle On
Default Analytics Enabled: Off, UA Code: Blank


Style Option Setting
Default Top Positions Positions: 2, 5:7
Default Header Positions Positions: 1, 12
Default Showcase Positions Positions: 2, 8:4
Default Feature Positions Positions: 1, 12
Default MainTop Positions Positions: 2, 4:8
Default MainBody Positions Positions: 2, 4:8
Default MainBottom Positions Positions: 3, 4:4:4
Default Bottom Positions Positions: 3, 4:4:4
Default Footer Positions Positions: 4, 3:3:3:3


Override Option Setting
Default iPhone Custom Theme On
Default iPhone Scalable Off
Default iPhone Images Enabled: On, Min-Width: 80, Percentage: 33%
Default Positions Aliases - Mobile Drawer drawer
Default Positions Aliases - Mobile Top top-a
Default Positions Aliases - Mobile Header header-a
Default Positions Aliases - Mobile Navigation mobile-navigation
Default Positions Aliases - Mobile Showcase mobile-showcase
Default Positions Aliases - Mobile Footer Position drawer
Default Positions Aliases - Mobile Copyright copyright


Override Option Setting
Default Gantry Cache Enabled: On, Cache Time 900
Default Gantry GZipper Enabled: On, Cache Time 600, Expires Time: 1440, Strip Whitespace: On
Default Input Styling Enabled: On, Exclusions: '.content_vote,#rt-popup'
Default Demo Styles On
Default Content On
Default RTL Support On
Default Title Spans On
Default Disable Texturize Off


Override Option Setting
Front Page Theme Page Types Home Page, Front Page

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