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Hybrid: Recreating the Demo - Sidebar

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Hybrid Theme for WordPress

Sidebar Section

Gantry Login Form
Gantry Links

Here is the widget breakdown for the Sidebar section:

  • Gantry Login Form
  • Gantry Links

Gantry Login Form

The login form located on the front page is actually a Gantry Login Form widget. Here are the widget options you will need to change in order to match the demo.

Option Setting
Title Login Form
User Greeting Hi,
Pre-text Blank
Post-text Blank
Title Variation Title 5

Gantry Links

The Gantry Links widget is used to display links in a way that works natively with the Gantry framework. It is a great alternative to the default WordPress blogroll widget. Links are controlled via the native Links feature in WordPress. You will find the options used in our demo below.

Option Setting
Title Blogroll
Links Category All Links
Show Link Image Checked
Show Link Name Checked
Show Link Description Unchecked
Show Link Rating Unchecked
Categorize Unchecked
Categories Order By Name
Links Order By Name
Limit Links -1
List Class menu
Category Class link_category
Box Variation Box 1
Title Variation Title 3

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