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Somaxiom: Recreating the Demo - New RokStories Layout

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Somaxiom Demo for Joomla

New RokStories Layout

This area of the front page is a Custom HTML module. You will find the settings used in our demo below.

Any mod_custom (Custom HTML) modules are best handled using either RokPad or no editor as a WYSIWYG editor can cause issues with any code that exists in the Custom Output field.


Option Setting
Title New RokStories Layout
Show Title Show
Position feature-b
Status Published
Access Public

Custom Output

Enter the following in the Custom Output text editor.

<div class="caption-surround"><img src="/images/stories/demo/frontpage/feature-b1.jpg" width="260" height="94" alt="Feature Image" class="fp-image" /><div class="caption-icon">0</div>
  <div class="caption-text">This is a caption</div></div>
<p>June sees the release of an updated <strong>RokStories</strong>, with a 5th layout option with <strong>image masking</strong>, as well as <strong>vertical number listing</strong>.</p>
[readon2 url="index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=112"]More Extension Information[/readon2]


Option Setting
Prepare Content Yes
Select a Background Image Blank


Option Setting
Module Class Suffix tab2 bg2

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