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New Supra Template for Joomla 3.7 Released

Supra is a powerhouse template loaded with features and uncompromising in its versatility. With a click, activate full page scrolling for a modern user experience. Build beautiful background slideshows in seconds, and customize your site with over two dozen powerful particles that make setting up a complete website a snap.

Supra has a number of unique features that set it apart from other Joomla templates RocketTheme has created in the past. These features, in addition to a wide variety of premium particles, make Supra one of the most versatile templates in the RocketTheme library.

Supra is a great choice for bloggers, news media, corporations, startups, photographers, service providers, organizations, and more.

Full Page Scrolling

Having a modern, full-page scrolling experience was an important goal for Supra’s development. We spent a lot of time determining how this feature should behave, and which devices it would be best suited for. 

The result is Supra’s incredibly smooth Full Page Scrolling atom which enables you to create a section-by-section browsing experience for your visitors, giving them one section of your site with each scroll. Powered by fullPage.js, the Full Page Scroll atom is a modern user experience.

Because it’s an Atom, it can be applied to specific outlines, enabling you to create a different experience from your front page to sub pages. You can also turn it off entirely, giving Supra has a gorgeously smooth traditional experience.

Beautiful Background Slideshows

Background slideshows are a great way to draw attention to your content and create an immersive user experience for your site’s visitors. The BG Slideshow particle is an elegant way to bring big, beautiful slideshows to your website.

When coupled with the Full Page Scrolling atom, it brings your website to life and creates a unique browsing experience like none other.

Image Tabs

The Image Tabs particle turns traditional image slideshows on their head. It features floating, selectable image thumbnails that reveal a larger images that blend into the particle. With its modern layered design and intuitive interface, the Image Tabs particle is a great choice for portfolios and product shots.

The Image Tabs particle blends with Supra's modern aesthetic, creating a cohesive user experience for your visitors.

Choose RocketTheme Today

These are just a few of over two dozen beautifully-crafted particles that enable you to customize the user experience of your website in Gantry 5’s layout manager. Just select a particle you’d like to use and drag it into your layout, fill out the intuitive form fields and save.

Supra, like all of RocketTheme’s Gantry-powered templates, is completely compatible with Joomla 3.7 from day one. Check it out and discover why RocketTheme has been a leading provider of Joomla templates and extensions for over a decade.