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Wordpress themes upgrades

We're excited to announce a major update for our WordPress theme users! We've recently updated over 40 WordPress themes in our portfolio to ensure seamless compatibility with the latest WordPress 6.x release, Gantry 5.5.17, and PHP 8.1.

WordPress themes - what's new:

  • WordPress 6.x Compatibility: All 40+ themes are now fully compatible with WordPress 6.x, ensuring optimal performance and functionality with the latest features.
  • Gantry 5.5.17 Integration: The themes have been meticulously updated to integrate seamlessly with Gantry 5.5.17, providing you with the most recent framework features and bug fixes.
  • PHP 8.1 Support: Say goodbye to those pesky deprecation errors! We've also ensured all themes are now compatible with PHP 8.1, streamlining your development experience.
  • Updated RocketLaunchers: Alongside the theme updates, we've released new RocketLaunchers for all affected themes, enabling a near one-click installation process with the latest WordPress 6.x version and all example content included.

Explore the full list of updated themes and discover the power of RocketTheme:

Download instructions

To download the updated theme for your existing license, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your RocketTheme account: Visit the RocketTheme website and log in to your account.
  2. Access your purchases: Click on your profile photo in the top navigation bar and select "Purchases".
  3. Locate the desired theme: Find the theme you want to update from your list of purchases.
  4. Download the updated version: Click the "Download" button on the theme's page to download the latest version.
  5. Install the updated theme: Using your WordPress theme manager, install the updated theme to your website.

Beyond WordPress:

This update underscores our commitment to continuous improvement across all platforms, further solidifying RocketTheme's position as a leading provider of high-quality templates, themes, and extensions for over a decade.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from RocketTheme!