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Swiper: The Modern Touch Slider

Swiper, the modern touch slider, is now available with our signature Koleti Theme! Incredibly versatile, with options for Thumbnails, Multiple Slides, stunning Effects, and more. You can demo it here.

Based off of Swiper JS, we have created a new Swiper Particle that we hope to implement into all of our Gantry 5 themes. With Gantry 5 being our main focus of development, we are looking to provide more great particles like Swiper to expand our themes. This particle is loaded with options and settings. Let's check out a few of them below.

Options and More Options

Let's first talk about the Main Settings. You have the option to source out the content either via the Particle or your CMS content, choose the Slide Height (which can also use vh and %), and allow the user to simply "swipe" the slides with the drag of the mouse via the Touch Move option.

In the Slide Settings you can display how many Slides display per view and per group based on the viewport. The viewport options are connected to your Styles -> Breakpoints in your Gantry 5 admin, so if you want to change where Mobile and Tablet begin and end, you can change them there. We made a note in the Slides settings panel that changing the values here will only work with the Slide and Cover Flow effects.

Lastly, we have the Thumbs settings. You can display the Thumbs on the Top or Bottom of the Slider, display as many or as few thumbs based on the viewport, and lastly you can determine how much space is in between each thumb.

The other tabs include individual options for each Item and also tabs for how you would like your CMS content to display if you decide to generate the content from Joomla Articles, WordPress Posts, or Grav Pages. We have Video / Animation options, Background Colors, options for text, buttons, thumb content, and more. Check out how versatile this slider can be with the screenshots below:

Getting Started

If you still have yet to check out our Swiper demo, you can also access it via our Koleti RocketLauncher packages for Joomla, WordPress, and Grav. The Standalone version of Koleti, also contains the Swiper demo in two layouts. One for all the single view sliders (Swiper - Single) and the other for multiple view (Swiper - Multiple). These are available via the Load button in your Layout manager. Ensure you are using Koleti version 1.1.0 or later.

Swiper: All the Themes

As we mentioned earlier, we are hoping to integrate this amazing particle into all of our Gantry 5 themes. Our 4 newest themes, Clarity, Akuatik, Manticore, and Zenith all contain variations of Swiper (along with Kraken), but we hope to integrate this standalone Swiper particle into these themes as well.

Stay tuned into our Product Updates page to see when your favorite theme receives this robust slider particle. And voice your requests below on how we can continue to improve your Gantry 5 experience.

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