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Introducing Calla for Joomla, WordPress, and Grav

Calla is the fresh new design from RocketTheme for Joomla, WordPress, and Grav! It features an abundance of exclusive particles and design elements that make it stand out from any theme you've seen before.

Calla is a powerhouse template with a bold, fresh design that fits perfectly with a wide range of websites from fashion blogs and ecommerce to tech startups and personal portfolios. It conveys a minimalist attitude backed by a feature set that is anything but.

Animated Sliders

Showcasing your products in a modern, animated slider that responds to visitor's actions is an excellent way to draw attention to the content that you want them to experience. This is why the RocketTheme team has put a lot of time into perfecting Calla's unique sliders, carousels, and slideshows. From stem to stern, Calla is designed to make your images pop off the page to grab the attention of your audience.

Exclusive Springboard Particle

When it comes to showcasing your team, no theme does it quite like Calla. The Springboard particle is a great way to introduce your visitors to your team members without drawing them out of the overall Calla experience. Your team's personalities become part of the story of your company, and their images become part of what makes Calla such an incredible design.

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These are just a few of over two dozen beautifully-crafted particles that enable you to customize the user experience of your website in Gantry 5’s layout manager. Just select a particle you’d like to use and drag it into your layout, fill out the intuitive form fields and save.

Check out Calla for Joomla, WordPress, and Grav and discover why RocketTheme has been a leading provider of Joomla templates and extensions for over a decade.

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