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RokBooster Update Adds Timesaving New Features

alt RokBooster

Many of our customers may have noticed a new update (1.1.9) has been made available for RokBooster this week. This is a fairly significant update as it adds several new features intended to make its use and application easier for site administration while adding flexibility.

In this article, we’ll examine three major feature additions that have been added to RokBooster for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x users.

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RokSprocket2 with new Simple Provider

RokSprocket 2 is a major release of RokSprocket for Joomla and WordPress that extends our powerful RokSprocket module to include a new ‘simple’ content provider. This allows for on-the-fly creation of content directly within the RokSprocket module without the need of existing articles from one of the available content providers.

Essentially, you can create a powerful interactive showcase on the fly that enhances your visitor's experience on your site and directs them to specific links and information you would have to create an article in support of otherwise.

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RokUpdater: Easy Updating for RocketTheme Extensions

RokUpdater is the newest member of the RocketTheme family of extensions for Joomla. It is an answer to our member's desire for an easier method to update club and free extensions.

alt RokUpdater

RokUpdater takes care of authentication for you so Joomla can download and install the new file(s) without any further action required on your part.

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Warning: DOMDocument::schemaValidate() Error

What an exciting day it has been! It seems that last night there was a widespread update for Redhat/Centos operating systems that run the webservers of many web hosting providers. This update included a version of the libxml2 library that is used by PHP when utilizing XML. This updated version of libxml2 seems to be causing widespread problems for existing PHP frameworks, projects and code that make use of those XML features. One of these is our own RokCommon library that is used by RokGallery and RokSprocket for both Joomla and WordPress. We make use of a static method called DOMDocument::schemavalidate() which seems to have broken with this last update, so please read more for a quick fix...

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So Long RokTwittie

We originally developed RokTwittie in May of 2009 when Twitter was in full swing. It was created as a very configurable and highly customizable Joomla module with many advanced features. Over the years RokTwittie has become the staple of many a Joomla and WordPress site. Unfortunately, Twitter is making changes that mean we can no longer effectively develop this extension.

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RokGallery 2.0 has arrived

Since the launch of RokGallery we had an incredible amount of features requests. Although we couldn't satisfy all of them, we are very happy to announce RokGallery 2.0 which includes many new features as well as bug fixes.

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RokGallery, a New Spin on Managing Images

For the past few months we’ve been hard at work on a radical new gallery extension that will be debuted next month for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6. RokGallery is a ground-up revolutionary extension that will over time grow to be hugely flexible and customizable.

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