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Interstellar: Recreating the Demo - Bottom Section

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Interstellar Demo for Joomla


The Bottom section includes one Pricing Table particle. These particles are placed within the Bottom A module position.

Here is a breakdown of the module(s) and particle(s) that appear in this section:

Section Settings

Option Setting
Layout Fullwidth (Boxed Content)
CSS Classes Blank
Tag Attributes Blank

Pricing Table (Particle)

The Pricing Table particle is a Gantry 5 Particle module placed within the bottom-a module position. You can create a module position by dragging and dropping a Module Position particle into the desired location within the Layout Manager. The module position's settings are as follows.

Module Position Particle Settings

Particle Settings

Demo Bottom

Option Setting
Particle Name FP Bottom A
Key bottom-a
Chrome gantry

Block Settings

Demo Bottom

Option Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes Blank
Variations Blank
Tag Attributes Blank
Fixed Size Unchecked
Block Size 100%

Pricing Table Particle Settings

The next step involves assigning the particle to the module position. Adding a particle to a module position can be done by creating a Gantry 5 Particle module by navigating to Admin > Bottoms > Modules and clicking the green New button. Select the Gantry 5 Particle module type and create the particle using the settings found in the section below, and assigning it to the position.

Particle Settings

Demo Bottom

Option Setting
Particle Name Pricing Table
CSS Classes Blank
Header Text Blank
Footer Text Blank
Grid Columns 3 Columns
Item 1 Name Part 1
Item 1 Accent Color White
Item 1 Custom Color Blank
Item 1 CSS Classes Blank
Item 1 Ribbon Text Blank
Item 1 Icon Blank
Item 1 Price $499
Item 1 Period Per Month*
Item 1 Description * Just kidding. No hidden fees.
Item 1 Button Label Blank
Item 1 Button Link Blank
Item 1 Target Self
Item 1 Button Classes Blank
Item 1 Items Blank

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