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Crystalline: Recreating the Demo - Utility

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Crystalline Theme for WordPress

Utility Section

Gantry Login Button

Here is the widget breakdown for the Utility section:

  • RokAjaxSearch
  • Gantry Divider
  • Gantry Login Button


The RokAjaxSearch widget allows users to search your site for interesting content. Here is a breakdown of the options you will want to change to match the demo.

Leaving everything else at its default setting, select Save.

Gantry Divider

This widget tells WordPress to start a new widget column beginning with the widget placed directly below the divider in the section.

Gantry Login Button

The Gantry Login Button widget activates the Login pop-up which allows members to log in to their accounts on the frontend of the site. Simply drag this widget to the widget section (there's a separate widget section for the Gantry Login Form) and complete the following to replicate the demo.

  • Enter Member Login in the Login Text field.
  • Enter Logout in the Logout Text field.
  • Leaving everything else at its default setting, select Save.

This button doesn't do anything if there isn't a widget in the Popup widget position. In our demo, we use the Gantry Login Form widget. Below are the settings used in our demo.

Gantry Login Form

The login form located on the front page is actually a Gantry Login Form widget. Here are the widget options you will need to change in order to match the demo.

Option Setting
Title Login
User Greeting Hi,
Pre-text Blank
Post-text Blank

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