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What's Going on With Documentation?

alt Documentation

Documentation is a key component to virtually any Web technology. At this point, we’ve largely relied on our forums to provide answers, as well as a place to ask questions that arise from our community upon using our products.

In addition, we’ve provided detailed information about our demo sites in order to make it easier to recreate various elements on your own site. We’ve also released copies of our demo site in the form of RocketLaunchers in order to provide a real-world reference that makes it easier to hit the ground running with a feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing starting point for our templates.

With this in mind, we realize that there is a lot more we can do. That is why we’ve been working tirelessly over the past several months to create an entirely new set of documentation for nearly our entire product catalog. This includes everything from our Gantry Framework, to templates, and even our extensions.

We’ve already released our Gantry Framework documentation and made it available to anyone with the desire to create their own template with Gantry. Our next phase of documentation focuses on our club and free products available through RocketTheme.com.

This documentation takes what we’ve touched on in the forums and fleshes it out in a way that makes it easier to follow. We’re also implementing a powerful elasticsearch-based system to make these documents entirely searchable.

You’ll find thousands of screenshots, hundreds of tables, and several hundred individual pages of documentation to help you get up and running with our products.

We’re also working to expand our library of tutorials to help users that are new to our supported platforms (Joomla, WordPress, phpBB3, Magento, etc.) get started. This includes tutorials on installing the platforms for the first time, updating a template, and much more.

This is a massive undertaking that will continue even after the initial launch of our new RocketTheme site.

Our goal is to not only provide the best templates and extensions for our supported platforms, but also to offer the best documentation in the industry.

As a start, we’ve started to release PDF previews of our new documentation along with our latest WordPress and Joomla template release(s). These PDF previews are a temporary and basic example of the level of detail we intend to deliver for all of our current products through the next big release of our primary site. You can find these previews in the Download pages for Corvus (Joomla) and Leviathan (WordPress).

alt Documentation

alt Documentation

We’re also releasing new instructional videos that detail processes we’re frequently asked about by our community. You can find an example of this below.

We thank you for your continued support and patience as we make sure that we deliver the best possible experience for you. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any specific tutorials you would like to see covered in a video.